Come Sew

A Drop-In Sewing Studio

providing sewing machines, scissors, rotory-scissors, cutting tables, notions, pins, sewing kits and instruction

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810 Water Street #2, Port Townsend
(right above GETABLES)

Phone: 360 344-2079

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New Hours

Since the Governor's recent executive order we have noted that most of our clients have responsibly chosen to protect their health and the health of our community by staying at home. We are happy to see you have made this choice and support you--but this has caused us to reevaluate our "open studio" policy. While we are allowed to stay open at a reduced capacity, we have decided to go to "by appointment only" open hours through the end of November and likely throughout the term of the executive order. If you need to use the studio, want help with a project or want to purchase gift certificates as holiday gifts (for studio time or 2021 classes), please contact Anita by email or phone to make arrangements (if not at the studio, I am usually only 10 minutes away).

Make no mistake, we have budgeted for this and plan to return to normal operations when it is safe to do so and look forward to seeing you then. We currently plan to hold our small-class-size Winter Classes per the schedule.

Thanks to all my friends, neighbors and the community for sacrificing now so we can enjoy each other's company in the future.

Anita Edwards
Come Sew
Studio phone: (360) 344-2079
Text messages: (253) 951-0911